An Unforgettable Birthday

October 12, 2010
By , Park City, UT
It was my 7th birthday,
a very exciting day in the eyes of a child.
I sprung out of bed like a butterfly springing out of its cocoon,

Today was the day. ..
Today was my birthday.

My birthdays are always the best.

But thats not the best part
the best part by far is dinner time.
The time when my mom is in the kitchen all day
slaving away making my birthday dinner.
My birthday dinner has never failed to impress
gets better every year.
But there is ONE thing that it consists of
that make it as good as it really is,
And that is the cake!

The cake is my favorite part of my birthday,
always beautiful,
always delicious,
always perfect.

Something happened that day though,
something that made my 7th birthday the most memorable one.
And yet the most miserable.

A smell of barbecue and chocolate was wafting from the kitchen.
I couldn’t wait any longer. . .

I had to see
what I was about to use to fill my stomach
More than excited
I ran into the kitchen full speed
and there it was.

There was a beautiful double chocolate cake
right on the table.
But for some reason I couldn’t stop myself I just kept on going.

I believe that was the last time I had a home cooked birthday dinner
We now go out to eat on my birthday
What a unforgettable birthday.

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