The Metal Scab

October 12, 2010
By KristenLeighh SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
KristenLeighh SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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A smoldering ember,
A dark red fire,
A military taking over a country,
A rash,
Skin peeling after sunburn,
A piece of crumbly burnt bread left in the oven,
The pungent smell of bloodshed,
A stain on the brilliant sheen of a car,
The start of decomposition,
The infestation of ants to a picnic,
A brown marker coloring out of the lines,
A freckle,
A knock on the door late at night from a police officer,
A crash of twisted metal on the side of the highway,
The sign of a lost cause,
A forgotten teddy bear,
A brick,
Red, red Texas dirt,
A pile of copper pennies,
Sign of impending doom,
A vicious copperhead,
An old Band-Aid used to its capacity,
The residue left on fingers from artificial cheese,
Rust, July 10, 6:32 AM

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