A Family Trip

October 12, 2010
We step onto the ferry to Outer Banks, North Carolina.
Blue waves with white caps
Splash against the big boat.
A pack of white Seagulls fly behind us,
Waiting for the potato chips,
Being thrown from little hands.

Our car rolls slowly off the ramp,
We have reached the island.
Bright sun shines down,
Making the water glisten like glass.
Tall dune grass sways in the strong breeze.
Us kids squirm in the back seat,
We are almost there.

The car is picking up speed now,
Flying past beach house after beach house in faded colors,
Of blues, greens and yellows.
We watch surfers blur past
As they glide through the crystal water.
Past the small stores with the crazy colored hermit crabs.

the car comes to a stop.
Excited squeals come
As the doors open,
Aunts, uncles, and cousins run to the beach house.
Us kids tear through the hallways
As though in a race,
We pick our rooms.
Mom opens the sliding back door.

The beach
Looks endless in front of us.
Sand soft underneath our bare feet
We see who can reach the water first.
Cold salty waves hit our toes.
They crash as they hit the legs of the pier,
where fishermen are casting their lines in the distance.
We begin to make sandcastles
Stacking different shaped towers one by one;
a few of us leap into the water
To play in the waves,
Jumping through the walls
Of salty water as they rush towards the shore.
The warm sun of summer beats down on us.
We are finally here.

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