Roots of Harmony

October 12, 2010
By monster9 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
monster9 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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One by one. We’ve seen the cards stacked upon the minds
of the feeble children, trusting youth, and unquestioning masses.
Our minds.
Frail, exacting papers slicing deep.
White blood has been spilt.
All entities
fantasy, delusion, and theoretical
have been hemorrhaged.

We are told:
“Use your precision and accuracy.
Don’t rely on Lady Luck.
Be groomed and desirable
for society.
Jokers cannot be used, you must
expose them,
snuff them out from
the Deck.”
They say:
“Only adults are allowed to use the Prince of Lies,
you can handle any other spades with warrant.
Tender hearts are the least of concerns and should be
acknowledged last.
Diamonds should be first, most coveted,
most loved.”

We, the new age anarchists, refuse to be cut any longer.
Our minds are exhausted and bankrupt.
The weight of these flimsy, plastic cards has become unbearable.
We will exploit the clubs and aces and call no bluffs.
We now tear, pillage, rape these cards and create anew.
We see through the cardboard deceits and paper-thin boundaries.

We now establish a new order, doctrine, and dogma
without poker faces.
Our filthy cuts are now healing.
Skin becomes tight and fresh.
Stained with attesting scars
as the way your bombs have blistered the earth.

Their yellowing eyes, bent minds, and ripped senses
cannot detect the power and full-houses we possess.
The meticulously forceful hands that laid these cards
are now old, decrepit, and broken
causing the inevitable outcome.

We now tear down this splintering paper stonewall,
one by one,
and it’s destiny for this house of cards to finally fall.

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