The Decision

October 12, 2010
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One lane. One track. One direction.
I control the wheel, and I
stare through the glass,
questioning what to do.
Cars rush past me,
approaching 180 miles too fast,
going along the high groove.
The colors begin to blend together
while the flash of cameras
bounce off each car one by one.

The left bend is within my reach,
once again.
The haunting checkered pattern
on the ground stares back at me,
looking for an answer.
My helmet feels as though
it’s tightening; my thoughts
bundle together as I become confused.

I’ve grown tired of going
to the same destination.
I’ve grown exhausted from following others,
sick of going one way.
I advance toward the bank like
a fast collision in front of me.
I now know what I have to do.

Finally breaking free,
I floor the pedal,
and turn right.

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