October 12, 2010
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I am sweating profusely,
dripping down my face,
into my eyes and mouth.
I feel the stinging and
the burning, as my sweat seeps
into my open eyes.
I grasp the bottom of my shirt
where it is the driest,
and lift up to my dripping face and
wipe down, trying to get rid of the burning sensation.
Breathing heavily,
I run past two kids
playing on their swings, screaming, yelling, and
waving at me, trying to get my attention.
Not bothering to look at them, I just keep on going.
Each breath makes my mouth even drier.
I strive for anything moist. I can
taste the saltiness of my sweat as I lick my dry lips.
Saliva is gone as I turn my head to the right
and try to spit the dry and disgusting mucus into someone’s yard.
My muscles ache, ankles, knees and hips
hurt as they pound the dirt road
with every stride.
Fatigue begins to take over my body,
my muscles are starting to give up,
I must push through this,
I have to keep going,
I need to get back in shape.

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