Your out of your mind.

October 12, 2010
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He walks around all day,
On his lazy butt.
Never caring how he makes people feel,
Or about all the lives he’s screwed up.

No, he doesn’t think of anyone but himself,
Or care what he has done.
He makes me go crazy
Thinking how ignorant he’s become.

Everything I’ve done for him
And all he’s put me through
He still continues to make horrible decisions
And it cuts me into two.

No, I will no longer take this
He can learn it for himself,
That everything he’s done
Is not in his best health.

Yes, He talks to other girl’s
While claiming he still cares
I’m knowing that when I’m with him
He will just give me blank stares.

No, He doesn’t help out others
Or make them feel good about themselves
The only times he’s nice
Is when he wants something else.

He spends his days thinking
“How can I screw up her day?”
Because I doubt he has another explanation
On why he would want to stay.

Yes, He cheated on the girl,
Who only cared a lot.
He took her self esteem
And planted it liked a seed.

No, he won’t realize this
For many years to come.
But maybe one day,
Years from now,
He will wake up.
And say “wow, im dumb”

But yes, I hope when that day comes
Im not the one whos dumb,
Enough to want to be with that.
I will be long gone.

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