bad feelings

October 12, 2010
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I can say so much
How I feel, what I do
But my feelings aren't the same
When I am without you

I see all my friends
Up and Go, happy, restless
I try to paint a picture of love
And it seems impossible to sketch this

And they have their problems
I give advice on how to be
So much that I go home
There’s none left for me

It's so hard to
Keep my mental filter
When danger comes my way
I go straight for shelter

But no, no more
I won't be done down
I'm going to get up and go
Put a smile to my frown

I can ramble on and on
About what to do or say
What matters is when I take action
Cause that will be the day

The day I stop hiding
The day I start shining
To be all I can be
My life would be defining

I'd belong in a dictionary
Next to definition
The only road to greatness
Is the act of repetition

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