October 20, 2010
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Lust courses through my veins
like blood. Your eyes, like piercing
daggers, stare me down. Wishing.
Wanting. Hoping. For a taste of Me.

The way your skin feels on mine, the
tingle of delight that sparks from your
touch. Want is such a devilish thing.
The monster inside me grips at my

heart every time you come near. It
makes me want you and the feeling
is hard to control. My eyes watch you.
I watch you touch her, the same way

you touched me yesterday. The looks
you throw at me are filled with lust. You
love her, but you want me. You want
my skin on yours, my taste, my heart.

But all I have to give you is lust.


Lisa, the Devil. Her raven colored
hair glitters in the sunlight. The silky
strands fall gracefully on her shoulders.

Something she has that I do not.

Her baby blue eyes that are anything
but lustful. More like full of innocence.
Innocence, a great virtue to have.

Something she has that I do not.

Her great body, curves in all the right
places and fat where it should be. Cup
size labeled B, in the middle. Normal.

Something she has that I do not.

The grip she has on your heart. Her icy
fingers wrap themselves ever so gently
around your beating heart. That heart,

Something she has that I do not.


I watch you as you stare in my direction.
You stalk like a lion waiting to pounce,
claws extended and eyes full of want.

I watch as she looks in the direction of
your gaze. The gaze that is directed at
me. She grabs your hand and her icy

fingers squeeze themselves tighter
around your heart and hand, willing you
to try and escape her rigid grasp.

Her eyes fill with animosity towards me.
I am the other woman, the girl her man
keeps looking at no matter how tight

she clenches her fingers. I watch as
your eyes are adverted to the death
grip she has on your hand. You flick
her hand off yours and look towards me.

You look towards the girl you want, the
girl you can not have.


Tasteless; that is how I would describe
your choice in women other than me.
With my blond hair and brilliant emerald
eyes I am anything but normal or


Lisa on the other hand, is homely. Her
black hair and blue eyes have never
stood out before now. What attracts you
to her? I have no clue; She is normal and


You are gorgeous. Your brown eyes and
tanned, muscular skin stands out to every
girl in school. You are the envy of every
guy and the crush of every girl. You are


I want to taste you again.


Your lips are inviting, the plumpness
is begging to be kissed from my two
plump red lips.


Your breasts, round and perfect for
holding. My hands would cup them gently
if you would let me.


Your assets are perfectly proportioned;
as are your lips and breasts. Perfectly
sculpted to fit your perfect juicy figure.

You my angel are perfect.


My mom always taught me that Angels
were not allowed to walk on Earth. That
if I were to ever meet a woman who struck
me as having the beauty of an angel

I should run and never look back for she
is the Devil in disguise. Ignoring my
mother’s pleas, I fell fast in love with you.

The Devil.

Hot as can be and as sinful as they come.
You can be persuasive and wicked, or
sweet and affectionate. You are the poster

child for Bi polar disorder but that is what
attracts me to you. The way you can be
two different people at one time.

What are you? The Devil or an Angel in




Would be the word I would use to

describe you. Your perfectly smooth skin,

your amazing clear complexion, your

blonde hair and the way it swishes when you

walk my way. The way you smile at me

when no one is looking, and when you

want me. The way you would look naked,
curled up in my arms after we are done making

love. The way your sighs fill my ears after

I tell you ‘I love you’ and you do not say it

back. The way you wish you could leave

him but know you can not.

I want your gorgeous body on mine all the

time. I want your hands around my neck

and your lips on mine. I want you.

Your gorgeous body lusts for me. Lusts,

not loves. Lust is all you can give me; and

all I can give to you is love.

Love, forever and ever. All you have to do

is accept, but I know you will not.

Warm Whispers

Janitor’s closet fantasies are filled every
day between fourth and fifth period. Your
boyfriend will drop you off at the door to your
class and I wait patiently across the hall.


His hands find yours and he holds them to
his heart. He tells you how much he loves
you and wants to be with you forever.
Forever, something I could give you.


For the opportune moment where I make
my move and motion for you to follow me
into the closet towards everything you
could have but choose not to take.


The day you decide to leave your boy toy
for endless days and nights of what we
have during break periods in school days.
All I want is the feeling of love.


Forever screams that there will be no end;
Reality tells a different tale, there is
always an end. A story has a beginning
and an end, life has a beginning and an


You are always trying to tell me that your
love for me has no end. That there is only
forever inside your heart. I will never listen
to the lies that come out of your mouth.

The only thing I want to hear are the soft
moans that escape your lips as our bodies
touch behind closed doors. The simple
and labored breathing that comes when
you tell me that you want to be with me,


Your warm whispers on my skin as you
outline the contours of my body and sing
me Spanish lullabies to try and calm my
nerves. It never helps, it’s always going to
bug me. Forever has to End.


You are my salvation, my savior and love.

You can lift me up and make me fly.

You can make any day brighter than the

You are also my inner demons.

You can break me like a porcelain doll.

You can shatter my heart into tiny
fragments of a love that was once there.

You have all the power and wisdom in the
world and you know how to use it.


Goodbye and Goodnight are supposed to
be the two hardest words in the English
language to say to someone you love.

You said them both to me in one night.

“Goodbye Forever” seems so harsh when
spit from the beautiful lips that I once
kissed. Too bad you meant it.

I should have been passive about the
situation and just taken it like a strong and
independent woman… However, I did not.

My heart collapsed into a pool of pity and
self hatred. The sadness filled my lungs
and choked me into an unwanted silence.

Numb is all I felt. My chest that was once
lively with the beating of a red heart was
now a black home where that red organ
should have been.

I push back the pain to subside the tears
from spilling over onto my cheeks.

The End

I watch you speak to her; you are full of
love. Your eyes speak the words that you
never wanted to say to me. Those words
that you reserved for her.

The words I’ll never hear.

I’m useless. My life means nothing without
you in it. I can’t speak, I can’t eat, I can’t
breathe with out you here to love me. My
lust has turned into love.

But you do not want me anymore.

I treated you like a Ken doll, something I
could play with and have no strings
attached. My, how the tables have turned.

I am your Barbie doll. Your play toy.

I mean nothing to you but a love buddy.
Someone you can go to and lust after
when your girlfriend doesn’t give it up.

Life Sucks

And so does love. I love you is something
that only a few people ever feel but many
people say. The words mean nothing
When you do not mean it back.

I love you.

My angel, my one true love, the girl I want
to spend the rest of my life with. The one I
would take home to meet my family. The


You broke it off, broke my heart in two
separate pieces. Those pieces shattered
into a million more and I crumpled. I fell to
the ground and sobbed uncontrollably.


However, those feelings are not
reciprocated and you want him. Not me.


go on without you. Days pass slowly as if
to show me that with time things will get
easier. I do not believe that time heals all
wounds. Drugs and Alcohol do a fine job.

I spend most of my days trudging through
the house in a mopey state of despair. My
mind still has not grasped the fact that you
are gone from my life forever. You do not
want me.

I hope that one day you will come back to
me. Someday you will realize that you can
not spend your days without me.

Songs come on the radio that remind me
of you and I sob silently in solitude. I wish
you would realize that I am the only man
that can ever love you and all he has for
you is lust.

Life’s moral should be that lust is more
powerful that love is most situations.

Life Goes On

Today is the first day I am moving on.
Spending the day without your love.
I’m going out, away from here, away from
you. Away from the reminders of a love
that isn’t there anymore.

I walk around a club that is thumping with
house music looking for the man I can’t
stand to spend every day with.

I spot him.

His blond curly locks whispered around
his ears just begging for me to run my
fingers through them. I wanted to touch


The only one in the club that mattered
anymore. I noticed his beauty, more than
before, his soul shined brighter than the others
The only one I could see in the
hoards of people that lined the walls and
dance floor.


A broken heart’s rebound.


eyes were brighter, her hair was longer.
She was perfect, and not an angel in
disguise. She was perfect in every way

Her black hair and bright sapphire eyes
spoke out to me. Begging me to look into
them. I wanted to hold her. Take her in my
arms forever and never let her go.

I walked over and smiled. “Hey Baby” I
said loud enough that she could hear it
over the thumping of the music.

Her small voice could barely be heard but
what came out was so sweet and dripping
with sincerity. “Hey Vince”. With those two words I
was hooked. She was all I wanted.

She explained to me that she wasn’t
looking for much at the moment but
neither was I. She told me she wanted
love but had never found it. I told her I
could help.


Is something people wish
for their whole lives but
only few find.

We both found love on that
faithful night and we will
never let it go.

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SecretSasha said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 12:27 pm
This is a really really great poem. I love it!
SaMiLoVe97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 11:07 am
oops sorry. anyways, i read this three  times and love it even more everytime. great job, dear. please keep writing(:
SaMiLoVe97 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 11:03 am
Wow. That seems to be all i can say. I read this thre
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