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October 11, 2010
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The crimson moon interrupts the jet black sky
littered with stars
shadows of outlined houses
creep across the lawn, looming

Cicadas hum
filling the atmosphere with white noise
crickets chirp
talking with their wings

Brown and black fur lumbers down the street
scavenging leftovers
from an overturned trash can
strewn along the sidewalk

Standing in the doorway
spotlighted by the porch light
mosquitos crowd by the orb of brightness
buzzing around my ears

Enveloped by warm summer air, transfixed
breathing in
night overwhelms my senses
clear, peaceful

A sudden breeze whispers
rustling the tree leaves
a shiver runs across my skin
tiny bumps appear instantly

Reaching for the knob
a warm glow radiates, luring
one last inhale
and I shut the door

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