A Flash of Crimson

October 11, 2010
By , Park City, UT
My mother. Bored to to tears on the frigid, cold
May day.
Excited to be a step closer to summer, but only disappointed.
With all her work done, no friends to call, and a wicked imagination,
she came up with an

Off to the store she went, to search for the box of color.
Returning home, we plastered the reeking muck on my light brown hair.
Washing out, it looked quite red. But I let it dry before judging it.

I went to watch a movie, waiting for my hair to dry. Once we movie finished, popcorn on my breathe and soda stains on my clothes, I Walked up stairs to change, completely forgetting my recently dyed mane.

I dress in my pajamas brush my teeth. On my way out of my room,
my small Dead silence as my image reflects on the glass.

A flash of Crimson.

A gasp.

A scream.

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