October 11, 2010
By matthew moore BRONZE, Park City, Utah
matthew moore BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I woke up Saturday morning happy and anxious. It was my birthday. i was turning 7. I had a party at my house and I wanted to have the coolest party of the year.

When all my friends got to my house we played games and ate cake and ice cream. We played lots of games but my favorite was hide and go seek.

My friend and I went to go hide in a tree. we started

to climb up

and up

and up

until we got really high. as soon as the game was over we started to climb down.
we had been standing on the same branch the whole time we were up in the tree.

we started to here a crack but by that time we were already falling. we fell for what felt like forever. when i hit the ground i thought i was dead.But then my friend fell on me, which knocked me out.

I woke up in the car with my mom driving like a crazy person to the hospital. when we got to the hospital i got an x ray.

I ended up breaking both of my arms getting a concussion and breaking some ribs. after I got my casts it was really hard to eat or do any thing. but i got through it. All my friends said it was the best party but i thought it was the worst.

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