The Driver

October 11, 2010
By Sharon Zhu BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Sharon Zhu BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I was a happy 6 year old in china.
It was a warm, sunny day.
My dad took me to the store to get supplies.

that day “Was What Do You Want To Be Day.
and I was pretending to be a race car driver.
I had on my helmet, suit for racing, a fake wheel.
I took into the driver seats with my racing gear.
I drop the fake wheel and grab on to the wheel.
I took off with the car.
down the tight oneway at 85mph.
I scrap the car a couple of time
before I got the hang of driving.

Then out the blue the cops are after me.
pulling up as they try to earn the lead.
I was not going to let them take the lead
as I race down in the red sleek car.
they surround me in their blue, white car.
then, as I put the pedal to the metal.
I had the lead.
The finishing line was at the end of the highway.
as I was join by more racers out of the gray
I loss the lead.
I want to WIN,


WIN, NOT LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

so I honk at them, so i could pass.
they let me pass after I honk the horn into their ears.
then suddenly the finish pop out like a jack in the box.
I cross the finish line and crash into the barricade.
as I was pull out welcome by a HUGE crow.
I smile knowing that I had won and won
with a scar to remind me
for the rest of my life.

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