Hockey Blue

October 11, 2010
It was a sunny day when I was just 5 years old
I was playing a game of Tag with my brother,

But I was R E C K L E S S
On the floor lying in wait was a blue hockey stick.
Waiting . . . . . waiting. . until the right moment.
I stumbled on it, fell. . . . and hit my head on a chair.

I’m on the floor screaming with pain
Bleeding profusely from my wound.
P A N I C K I N G my mom throws everyone into the car
And rushes to the hospital, going 60 mph on a
40 mph road. . .

A cop with an angry expression pulls us over.
His countenance of anger instantly turned to
When he saw me bawling and clutching a blood-
Soaked rag.

I was immediately put into an
E M E R G E n c y r o o m
I was terrified, BLINDED by the surgery lights, and
Went through TERRIBLE AGONY as they sewed
Up my wound.
They didn’t have time to give me drugs because I
Lost so much blood. . .

A week later they took me back
To remove my stitches,
A very painful experience.
As a result of my injury I now have a scar
A blaring reminder for me to w a t c h m y s t e p.

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