The death of Friendship

October 11, 2010
By Anonymous

The death of friendship
Ah if only my words could be said
The retched heart ranking pain that won’t go away
All the nights I stayed up making excuses for what they did to me
All the lies they said
All the things they did
All this time wasted

Worst part of all of this I blame myself most days
I think when they ditch me; I’m not worth anything to them
And I need to change
I think when they lie to me, I’m not worthy of their truth
And I need to change
I think when they walk on me like dirt, I’m not worthy of their kindness
And I need to change

I think too much of the past, then the present them
I forgive too easily
The truth is they are not worth it
I am not an evil person
I care and do the best I can
I don’t need to change
But they do to keep our friendship alive

The author's comments:
"This is my current feelings about my life and so called friends"

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