I Don't know who i want to be with.

October 11, 2010
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You know i want you..but i dont think you want me i could be wrong but i know all the signs and tricks yall seem to play on us regular guys. I want you but there is another that i seem to want too you both are in my top two but i dont know who to choose your both beautiful, intelligent, and have eyes, that i can just look into and see a bright new day starting with you by my side. my mind takes me back and forth between the two of you and i imagine what life would be like if i had one without the other. Then my heart seems to chime in but are you willing to give up being single? willing enough to say who she is to you and to say that she is the only for you? its never ending argument between my heart and mind, and feelings combined. but when i am ready to give up this life i will let you know but if i dont tell you just know you will always be a friend of mine nothing more, nothing less.

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