Apocalypse Of Love

October 9, 2010
By AdrianGraceNunez BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
AdrianGraceNunez BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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"You Dont Have A Life If You Dont Have A Purpose"

Lion Confided In My Ribcage
It Roars And Rages
Berserk Over The Temptation
Whether Its Love Or The Rush Of Hormones
You Never Know Once Been Bestowed
Replacement Of Hatred
Substitute for The Lust
Everything Happens All At Once
Now Its A Must
My Passion My Desire
My Undying Love
It Will Never Wither Away, Its Here To Stay
The Trinity Her And I Create
But I Pray Shes Stays The Same
But Everything In Life Has Its Change
This Love Clouds My Immorals,Vices,And Decisions
Start Of A Beginning
But Also to The Ending
She Was There to Guide Me
Through the Block of Hades
That No One Could Save Me
Admired her Beauty
Showed Me The Grace
This Is Pure
This Is Everlasting
This Is Fate
Cause God Can Only Make This So entertaining,
She Discovered My Vulnerability
Sought Out My Weakness
We Adapted To What Was to Become
Every Major Obstacle
Through Up And Down
There She Stood Ground
Always Making Me Feel So Proud
Our Endless Campaign
And More Yards Which We Still Have To Gain
Everything Happens For A Reason,
This Is My Bravest Accomplishment
My Most Glorious Achievement
Collaboration Of The Heavens
And If I Plummet She Would Catch My Fall,
I Poured My Love to Her
Every Vain Every Vessel
I will Take Any Bullet Large
Sacrifice My Existence Just To Continue Hers
Right From The Start
I Knew It Would Forever Change My Thought
Forever Take A Grasp
A Clutch Of My Heart

The author's comments:
In The Mood. For A Friend

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