I Love You??

October 9, 2010
By Reagen Brady PLATINUM, Howell, Michigan
Reagen Brady PLATINUM, Howell, Michigan
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You say I Love you, But do you mean it?
It makes me think, Should I really believe it?
You say that I change you
But I don’t think I really do
I’m supposed to be your girl
Apparently your whole world
But aren’t you just playing me
Like with every other one you called baby?
Your just the same as every other guy
The ones I couldn’t stand to call mine
Mean, over controlling freaks
Who think us “perfect” girls need tweaks
I won’t walk to your house everyday
No matter what you try to say
I won’t hold your hand
Just to upset someone you can’t stand
I won’t hug you when you leave
Just so you can try to believe
All the lies you’ve been telling me
You say I Love You, But you don’t mean it
I never should have thought if I believe it
You never really changed
Your always the same
And if I ever did say it back, I Love You
Then I would be lying too

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