to my grandmother, on her 90th birthday

October 9, 2010
By petr467 BRONZE, Canoga Park, California
petr467 BRONZE, Canoga Park, California
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The years may call upon our minds
To stretch the wrinkles wrung from time
Each memory will gently seep
so soft the graceful quake of sleep
Each step expels a world of hurt
Our footprints stain this softened earth
But where shall whistling winds erase
The creases that our soles have placed
As forth the blood shall pass along
Our voices sing your life in song
The traffic shook from whence we came
The peers you birthed will grow to fame
The crack of natures mortal whip
Will lash our backs the flesh will rip
But scars of wisdom grow with haste
To remind us of the trials we've faced
And you my dear, you boast the most
To so many scars your soul lies host
So many memories swarm your mind
So many treasures left to find
You'll cherish all these souveniers
A laugh, a smile, a frown, a tear.
Each stitch of wisdom sent from god
Is sewn within your soft facade
Alas these aspects bundle close
And form the grandmother I love the most.

The author's comments:
I recited this poem for my grandmother on her 90th birthday. Enjoy

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