A Birthday Wish From Me to You

October 7, 2010
This is my wish to you
On your birthday I present you
A journey that may take days
Maybe months
Even years to figure out.
But one day you will find out
How much I truly care
With all my heart
I hand to you
For you to hold and care.
I knew the day I saw you
That it was love at first sight
I fought my way through thick and thin
it’s brought me where I am today.
You make me strong
When I am broken.
You make me happy
When I am down.
When I’m alone
I feel you beside me.
When I feel stressed
I feel your touch and hear your laugh.
When people talk about you
I say your perfect and they laugh
But to me its true
You’re the only guy I care to be with
Because in every way you’re perfect.
Every smile on my face
Only means I’m thinking of you.
When I’m shivering
I’m thinking of your arms wrapped around me.
I’m falling in love with you
Which scares me at times
Because if I lose you
I will crumble
I will be lost and not sure where to turn.
I wake up in the morning
And worry about what people think of me.
I worry about what they say behind my back
But I say to myself
You like me for who I am
And you won’t judge me.
And that’s the reason I get up in the morning
And take one step in front of the other.
Some days it kills me
To be around you
Only for the fact
That I may lose you
And never see you again.
But I lie to myself
And say your mine
And only mine.
This is now your journey
And I present to you my heart
To keep or give away.
But I promise to stay true
To this promise I give you.
I love you with all my heart
And I will wait for you
For the future we may have together.
The future of you and I.

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