He crys

October 7, 2010
Shattered glass on witch i walk blood not of the inocent but of the nieve leaves blowing from trees wishing that were he flowing with the breeze instead his legs broken down on his knees whipping his eyes with his sleeve no one will ever see him strong he must remain or has his strength been depleted and this is all a game a puppy whimpering from loneliness he'l be dead soon looking down on the moon he sees the world in his tears reluctant to let them no his fears they cant see nor hear what he holds in his soul the mind a pathway has a blockade in its road his inner feelings locked away in morse code he knows nothing of flesh wounds his pain is a gash the size of the moon stars falling the night behind there golden dust his eyes black with flames that torched his reality ice remains hurt takes his name it is what he is not......stable....the heart rots infested by termites that thrive on unsuspecting passion the ocean from his eyes is only seen from above it copes with the sting of hopelessness continously beaten thoe he was long defeated the frosting over of love is the glimer in his eye false belief that he can melt the ice with his tears so he crys........

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