Stormy Days

October 7, 2010
The rain pounds the windows,
In rhythm with my heart.
My world is slowly crumbling;
Breaking, falling apart.

These words, they are coming.
Pouring from my soul.
I feel that if I don’t scream,
I will choke and lose control.

The rain pounds the sidewalk.
Falling, just like my tears.
I’ve been silent for too long,
Swallowed up by my uttermost fears.

These words, they are jumping.
Excited by the chance to let go.
A heartfelt poem, quickly scribbled.
Out of this pen, my emotions will flow.

The rain pounds the shingled roof,
Leaving marks left unseen; to slowly erode.
My hearts filled with anguish, sorrow and longing.
The loved killed by the unforgiving cold.

The rain washes away the filth.
It cleanses my body, my soul, and my mind.
I might feel renewed, staring out this window.
But instead, no more rain, leaving me behind.

These words, they are haunting.
I feel as if when I cry criticism will fly.
They care not how they break me.
Why should I even ever try?

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