October 7, 2010
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In my darkest and most desperate hour
I look for a glimpse of yellow
to brighten my day

Yellow is the supreme light
which can shine through
any darkness.

Yellow is the sun
which illuminates
my dreary days.

Yellow are the stars
that lull me to sleep
each night.

Yellow is the sand
that I bury my toes in,
digging down
as deep as I can.

Soon, I am submerged
in a world of yellow grain-
a world with no nights,
only constant yellow joy.

As I sink myself
into this new world,
I feel myself escaping
from the chaotic reality
of today.

Chaotic, all except
for what is yellow.

Yellow is the room
I slept in as a child.
Yellow is the paper
on which I write away
my frustrations.

Yellow is all of the
greatest things
about this world,
combined as one entity,
one color,
one eternal light.

And when I make a wish
on a shooting ball
of yellow,
all that I ask
is for a little more yellow
in this world.

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