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What I see.

October 11, 2010
By Sarah Sedola PLATINUM, Zion, Illinois
Sarah Sedola PLATINUM, Zion, Illinois
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I see the world,
From a different point of view.
I see the world,
But still everything feels so new.
I see the world,
I notice many things.
I see the world,
Different than how you see.

I see the little girl,
Living on the streets,
I hear her cry,
Every night before she sleeps.
I feel her pain,
Though I do not understand.
And I know her shame,
The shame of this little girl.

There is a family on the streets,
I see the, as the single mother weeps.
With her three kids,
She just cant sleep.
She’s trying to think as she sobs.
Her little daughter cries,
She’s no older than five.
They are standing outside their house,
They just got kicked out.

I see the world,
I see the poor,
I see the rich
I see pain and suffering.
And yet at the same time,
There is joy,
From every girl to every boy,
That’s how it should be.

There is happiness in this world somewhere,
I know it,
I can feel it,
I cannot see it.
But I know someday it will show itself.
All we have to do is try,
Try not to cry,
Then, we may just feel joy.

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