October 3, 2010
By AMLMDOY BRONZE, Wahiawa, Hawaii
AMLMDOY BRONZE, Wahiawa, Hawaii
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I thought I could see the light through the darkness,
Through the cold desperation of many lives come and gone. Most thought that light would last forever but, sadly we were all wrong, the sun once was commonly found item that we took for granted but the light was just a candle that was burning for millions of years until it could no longer sustain the winds of the universe.

Now only the bravest of us all can even see the last bit of remaining candlelight that once shimmered over us all in rays of glory, the last bit of mans most needed resource the most wanted most needed gods gift.

The author's comments:
i thought of how we as human beongs take the most common things for granted and that maybe life wouldnt live without it and maybe if i showed one of the most taken for granted item in the world and told people how the world would be without it. It may just stop them from being so selfish.

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