Saying Goodbye to a Soldier

October 3, 2010
As he speaks the words,
My heart starts to break and tear.
I shake my head,
As I say, “This isn‘t fair.”

He shows me the paper,
That is taking him away.
I start to cry,
And beg him to stay.

He holds me tight,
And tells me he can’t.
I pull away,
And start to rant.

He doesn’t stop me,
He doesn’t try to interrupt.
He weathers the storm that is me,
And waits as I erupt.

I wish I could say,
That the tears don’t phase him.
But I know it does,
It shows in every limb.

I can see and feel the change in him,
He freezes and the muscles pull tight.
He wants to fix it with his strength,
But this is something he just can’t fight.

I know how hard,
It is for him to say.
But the truth is inevitable,
He just can’t stay.

I know that he is tough,
And that I shouldn’t worry.
But I can’t stop the natural fear,
That he won’t come home to me.

Knock, knock, knock,
At the door.
My heart skips a beat,
While I sink to the floor.

It’s time for him to go,
We can’t put it off any more.
We say our goodbyes and pray for him to come home again,
Then he stands up strait, bags in hand and tears falling, and walks out our door.

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