October 3, 2010
By Amanda-Amata-Grace GOLD, Melrose, Massachusetts
Amanda-Amata-Grace GOLD, Melrose, Massachusetts
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Time ticks slowly away,
Dread builds up.
I want to leave!
Sometimes I love this place,
Sometimes I hate it.
I'm not sure what I want now--
Maybe I want to learn,
Maybe I want to run,
Maybe I want to think deep thoughts.
Maybe I want to open myself to writing!
Maybe I don't want structure!
Maybe I want to be my own guiding star!
Maybe I want to write spontaneous poems,
And give myself in to the flow of the ideas.
Maybe I want to think, not write.
Writing is just recording, thinking is the actual part that I love.

Maybe I want to challenge time.
Maybe I want to overturn order.
Maybe I don't want anything at all.
Maybe I

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