Crooked and Changed

October 7, 2010
By Swift13Fearless PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
Swift13Fearless PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
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'Being FEARLESS isn't being 100% not fearful, it's being terrified but you jump anyway' - Taylor Swift

Your face, it’s a little rusty around the edge
And not so pure as it once was before.
Who are you now? Where have you gone?
Maybe come back, let me see you once more.
You’re not fully lost; I still see that smile,
I’m just not the cause, no longer your cure.
Please will you stop, you move on too fast,
I miss you again. I’m still tender and sore.

Your eyes, they don’t sparkle in the sun
Darkness has come, where is all the light?
Now each door has been sealed shut
I’m closed off. Out of mind out of sight,
To forget all we’ve been through,
But I wish not to push you, let’s not fight,
A friend is forever, keep that in mind
So I will try to let go with all of my might.

Your heart, it seemed warmer in April,
May and June. Back when it was spring.
We ran through the wind, the clouds,
Together, we flew sky high above the wing,
But reality caught us, the end was here
It brought salty tears and a sudden sting,
The time had come to say goodbye,
Smile and see what the future may bring.

The author's comments:
Sometimes i look at you and smile because i'm glad you've found someone and she makes you happy. Sometimes i smile because i have to otherwise you'd realise you're still hurting me.

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