In My Own World

October 8, 2010
By lyricsandlimericks GOLD, Lascassas, Tennessee
lyricsandlimericks GOLD, Lascassas, Tennessee
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The slug was actually my grandmother
The monkey lost his fur again
The snakes went away somewhere
The eggs didn't fall from the cabinet
The birthday card was forgotten
The child was of Dumbledore
The poker was played on a merry-go-round
The math teacher unmasked as an alien
The world was by my myself
The couch started breathing
The river was crossed to get to the caribou
The treehouse was attacked by a giant cat
The band kids were yelled at
The boy was denied in a playground
The rocket plowed the field
The anaconda swam in the pool
The court was threatened by someone unknown
The world was attacked by aliens
The headphones were stolen
The truckers abandoned the hotel
The double decker bus was driven
The trailer flew up in the air
The tentacles came out from beneath porches
The gophers attacked our car
The dinosaur attacked the city
The ham was played by a fellow student
The hospital underwater was discovered
The toilet was turned into a portal
The zombies came to get us at prom
Dreams, oh dreams
What do you mean?

The author's comments:
Typing my dreams out makes them seem even weirder than they are.

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