Falling Down

October 7, 2010
By , Ringgold, GA
The rain is falling down
As the tears roll down my face
What’s happening to life as I know it?
It’s crumbling beneath my feet

I know I should be happy
Jumping up and down in joy
But something inside me tells me
“You don’t deserve it”

What do I need to do?
To earn your love?
What makes you like that?
Unable to care or love

I want to trust you
I need someone there
Why doesn’t anyone notice?
Why doesn’t anyone want to be here?

I can’t change you
I can’t change my life
But I need to be happy
I can’t go on like this

Awful things are filling my mind
Destroying my thoughts
A bullet crashing through the silence
Streams of blood flowing from my body

Only a new thought came into mind today
It appealed to me in a way I can relate
My headaches won’t go away
I need relief…

Will I do it?
Am I strong enough to stray from my sanity?
I don’t know anymore
I need to hold on to something…

These feelings are getting stronger
I must find a way to escape my pain
These words are my only way
But soon, it won’t be enough

I need strength. Save me…

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