Predatoring Prey

October 7, 2010
By clearlysecretive SILVER, Madison, Wisconsin
clearlysecretive SILVER, Madison, Wisconsin
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Suspicion is trying to find out what you later wish you don't know

Black oil crawled across the surface
Obliterating everything in its path, it was death
Creatures floated dead on the spill
While I soared overhead, untouched by oil
Many ceased to live, while I fly on
Nothing within my ability could've saved them
Yet still, I felt responsible for them
The weight of guilt pressed on my shoulders
Like the oil in the ocean below me
Extinguishing each and every form of life
The shore drew closer, but I paused
Maybe there was a way to express my hatred
An idea sprang into my bird brain
Like a mouse trap preying on an oblivious mouse
I flapped as hard as I could to shore
The men who released a killer clustered on a dock
As I passed them, two reached up
Their hands swiped their heads, smearing goop
One looked up, flipped a finger
Job complete, I flew onward to my home

The author's comments:
The BP oil spill inspired me to write this. It is written from the point of view of a bird, perhaps a seagull. Even though the bird is little, it is still effected by the oil spill and wants to do something about it.

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