October 7, 2010
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Friends come and go
Like clouds and the rainbow
They never stay for long
Happiness was temporary all along
I wish I had a friend
To relate to and make the loneliness end
So hard to be kind
When sorrow and anger dwell in my mind
I wait at my window for sunshine
Or a friend to come by and be mine
If I had a friend
I wouldn't share and our laughter would have no end
Friendship is something I dream to achieve
Just a little bit so I have something to believe
So that I know it's not a fairytale
So that I know Happiness outside this mental jail
I just want to see smile
I just want a friend
I just want my dream to come true....
By the time I awake and come to
Friendship has always been here
Something like a virtue
Something I hold dear
Forever and ever like a fairytale
Something that will never fail...
And the sky opens up
And the rainbow send me a friend
Brilliant in every way
And all wrapped up
In red ribbon sunshine
A sparkle here a sparkle there
Time to look before me and claim my friend
With a simple smile and stare;
Introduce him to my world of captivity
Do I dare?
Risk to soil his newborn innocence
As he has descended from the sky
Basking in an angelic, almost majestic, essence.

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