You Did Me a Favor

October 7, 2010
You say it didn’t happen so it didn’t

I tried to do you a favor and
I said it shouldn’t happen but the thing is
it did.
From toddles and ABC’s
To “It’s alright baby, just come with me.”
I don’t know how you can’t see
This tossed me into epiphany.
Like you don’t give a f*** you just get sucked up
Into expectations that curl into false relations
And only one word comes to mind.
Used, I was used, you used me, but I used you in return.
So why does it linger why does this still burn?
I rationalize wrong from right.
But you can’t seem to learn.
I’m too young for this
We’re too young for this
I’m already sick and tired of this
And I just got a taste.
Touch is a waste ‘cause
Loves a train
Touch is just the track.
Where you can’t even see forward and
Damn it you can’t go back.
So we can’t go anywhere
Lets just stay right here
For now that’s nowhere
‘cause I find this unfair
You think its fine that your there
but I’m right here.
Taking your heat
But you can’t deplete.
My love, my future affection
I stand here and see in my reflection
My hopes, my dreams, my fears,
I won’t shed no tears,
Not for you
You’re not worth it.
So now I say it didn’t happen.
‘Cause in the long run it didn’t.
It shouldn’t have and it won’t again .
You did me a favor.

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