Strong Surface, Soft Intentions

October 7, 2010
fight back the tears.
you must be strong.
You must keep your game face like all the other years.
You must act like nothing is wrong.

You don't need to be comforted.
You can handle this on your own.
You dont want pity.
You just want to be alone.

They can't read your mind.
They don't know how you feel inside.
Don't worry.
They don't know the secrets you try to hide.

Lock this secret away.
So no one will ever find.
The key to the secrets.
Locked away in your mind.

On a peice of paper,
Your life is written.
Being happy,
Is truely forbidden.

You let go,
Along time ago,
Of hope,
That's something that you will always know.

So dream of the happiness,
You could of had,
You can't face yourself in the mirror anymore,
Knowing just hurts too bad...

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