Fantasised Reality

October 7, 2010
Losing my reality.
Losing my grip.
Playing with fantasy.
My mind starts to slip.

It's calming somehow.
Losing the pain.
Not thinking about now.
Not playing life's game.

Wonderful world.
Saw through fantasy's eyes.
Bright and colorful.
In this world reality is despised.

Such a scandalous world.
Living the lie.
As I imagine it.
Everything else begins to die.

I try to forget about reality.
Picture perfect memories in my fantasies, are alive.
Reality is the only thing that ever strengthened me.
As the memories form themselves and thrive.

This is the happy life.
Built on fantasy.
All my scars are gone.
When fantasy flourishes within me.

Just as the warm embrace of fantasy begins.
It's stripped away.
As the bitter bite of reality shows its teeth.
Reality will live to see another day.

The world is now black and white.
Back to reality again.
Where I can't sleep through the night.
Where anything except the truth is a sin.

I wish life was simpler.
I wish it was made of fantasy.
But the happiness in my head,
Only i can truly see.

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