Game of Life

October 6, 2010
In a moment’s time,
I see my end.

The edge of the cliff,
the end of the game.

Trying to stop,
but my legs won’t listen.

Clawing at the ground,
begging mother nature for mercy.

Craving relief,
from the excruciating pain,
I was summoned to.

Yet the only thing I receive,
Is another coffin resting on my shoulders.

Looking to my right,
I see my grieving parents.

To my left,
my loyal brothers.

Each pledging that if I go,
They will already of been gone.

“Let go, for in the end you’ll all die”
utters Satan, speaking as my conscious

“I created you, but it is you yourself that makes you.”
Replies God, as my brain.

A short lived debate,
as it was interrupted by my frantic family.

Ignoring both voices of reason,
I listen to my heart.

Already knowing its answer,
I slam everything into the earth.

My voice, my soul, my heart, my emotions,

Then the world stops spinning,
and the angles start singing.

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