Sad Mistake

October 6, 2010
By Anonymous

That night I took a leap of faith,
And I decided that we should talk.
For two weeks it was all perfect,
What could possibly go wrong between us?

Each day you leave me wanting more
More of your voice,
More of your touch,
And more of your lips.

When things seemed like they would never go wrong,
They suddenly did
I was left it utter disbelief and confusion,
Only wanting answers to all my questions

You say you did not want to hurt me,
But it’s a bit too late for that
And please don’t apologize anymore,
I’ve grown tired of lying and saying its fine

Its funny how one person,
Can make you feel all these emotions
In all of three days you brought me happiness and sadness
Talk about a whirlwind of feelings

Now I’m left with nothing less than devastation
And all I have to blame is you,
And maybe myself
For thinking this could last

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