A Figment of My Imagination

October 6, 2010
I am a leaf swept away by the wind, wherever it may blow.
I endure the rain, wherever 1 may go.
There is no escaping the treacherous wind.
There is no smooth sailing.
I am a flower weathered by the wind,
pushed over, and torn down with every blow.
An exhibit of broken hearts; I've been stripped of my beauty, hardened by the pain.
You are the moon, which pulled away...
High tide picked me up then threw me down.
I am a sailor lost at sea. Why can I not be free?
I am a star, but I've lost my light.
With every pull, I am fading away.
Why can't I shine on my own?
Still, there is something that remains...
A figment of my imagination tells me you're here.
Yet, I see you no where.
That is what hurts the most.
I am a princess in a castle far away, searching for my prince.
I run through the fields of flowers and admire the light of my child-hood fantasy.
Traveling through my Garden of Hope, sitting on my white horse, I realize that..
Sometimes,-pantasies grow with you,.. Everyone will long to live in a fairytale.
.. .1 see you, I reach out my hand, and the memory fades. A figment of my imagination.

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