October 6, 2010
By Anonymous

You lifted me on angel's wings
You taught me to fly
You let my heart soar
Basking in freedom
Falling in love lifted me up,
Instead of pulling me down.
But then you let me fall,
Tore my angel's wings from my back
Let me spiral to earth alone.
I fell in a world of broken dreams
Shattered hearts,
A broken girl in a broken world.
I bled freely from the impact of my fall
Tears stang my eyes,
Pain writhed through me.
I begged you on my hands and knees
Pleading to be saved
You looked at me
I know you tried
But love got in our way.
My stained glass heart,
Shattered again,
Feeling like a leper
Without her colony.
Tears spill crimson red
Outlining a single world,
A single plea,
Written in scarlet blood.

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