The Little Things

October 6, 2010
By drew3 SILVER, Loraine, Texas
drew3 SILVER, Loraine, Texas
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Life is to short to keep your head in the clouds,
Excitement and experience is what it's all about,
Little things like playing in the rain,
Or family fun playing your favorite board game,
Work hard in life but keep work short,
There's a fine line between working to live and living to work,
Life is all about happiness and having fun,
Fun is fuel to the body needed to carry on,
So remember these words when you think you are fine,
You need to make time to live because living takes time,
Thank God for every moment but strive for another,
Life is an everyday gift that you should always treasure,
Sometimes you forget what happiness really brings,
That's why you should never fail to remember the little things.

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