Behind Closed Eyes

October 8, 2010
Last night I dreamt a dream.
It was of a world much like our own.
But there was a feeling—
Crawling and lingering inside of myself—
This haunted me.

I came upon a clearing.
The Normals attacked the Differents.
People were covered in other’s blood.
Hands stained red.

A statue built in ridicule.
Spikes stuck out everywhere.
Bodies hung from these spikes—
Blood sprinkle down—
Landing in puddles upon the ground.
The Normals—
Pleased with their deed—
Dropped a flame upon the sticks.
Flames danced five stories high—
Snapped, Crackled, and Popped—
Just in front of me.

I stood frozen.
Watching the bodies burned—
Screams rang through the night—
Not all were fully dead.
I ran in a full dash.
Every step took me a step farther away—
But not from the image that burned in my mind.
I tried to shake off the thing that my eyes had just witnessed.

Why hadn’t I try to stop them?
It would have been one against a hundred.
But I should have done something…
There had been warnings of this—
Why did we just turn away.
Why had I stood there like a fool,
Watching the massacre…

This is what happens,
When hands don’t help.
This is what happens,
When ears don’t hear.
This is what happens,
When voices are silenced.
This is what happens,
When eyes stay shut.

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