I Am From

October 8, 2010
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I am from a people, who were shop keepers in Syria.
I am from an uncle, who went through hard times in Germany,
I am happiness and joy.
I am from older brother and sister surrounding me as I grew up.
I am from a nephew, who I tussled around with,
I am rain that falls from the sky.
I am from lost love ones,
I am from lost childhood friends,
I am the crisp fall air.
I am from grandparents I never knew.
I am from blue and green to red and black,
I am music from singing and dancing.
I am from church people, who sang songs happily,
I am from a dad and a soundboard controlling those songs.
I am sandy beaches where the wind blows.
I am from a brave man who fought in a war.
I am from Washington where the evergreens grow.
I am a student, who learns,
I am from babysitting young kids.
I am from chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
I am a Strong,
I am from friends just as crazy as me.
I am from too many cousins to count,
I am the ocean and its strong waves.
I am from running barefoot in the yard and on the streets.
I am from camping to the beach to cabins in the summer,
I am shy but kind.
I am from walks in the park with friends,
I am from friends that talk a lot.
I am a child happily chattering with anybody I meet.
I am from biking in the rain with my sister,
I am from books about history fiction or non-fiction.
I am a bookworm,
I am from a hospital where I saw many broken loved ones.
I am from a loving brother,
I am encouraging and a leader,
I am from feeding people who have no food.
I am from a black man who sang praises to God even though he had nothing.
I am here and I am now,
I am from mean friends,
I am from an annoying little sister.
I am a big sister,
I am from long trips in the car,
I am from long rips to get my puppies.
I am young…I am old,
I am a child… I am an adult.

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