Feeling Fake

October 8, 2010
The days go by and still you won’t say enough is enough,
I’m exhausted from being mistreated,
I’m tired of feeling messed up,
I hold in my pain,
I won’t let you in,
You aren’t my mother and you’re defiantly not my friend,
Walking in this house has never felt so cold,
I put on a smile,
Act like I’m ok,
But I hate being fake,
So I lock myself away were we are out of each other’s sight,
It’s easier that way,
It causes less fights,
I’m almost 17,
But you treat me like I’m 12
The closer I get to freedom,
The more you yell,
You can’t stop me from leaving,
And I can’t wait,
Then I don’t have to put on a smile,
Or Act like I’m ok,
No longer will I be fake.

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