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October 9, 2010
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I used to be so free
I used to laugh and sing
Until you grounded me
I used to spread my wings

Then I saw you that one day
Strutting down the hall
But because of what I weigh
You didn’t dare see me at all

You go for the thinner girls
The ones that never eat
The ones that are engulfed in curls
The ones that pass on treats

You can fit your arms around them
You can hold them tight
But I am not the size of a stem
And to you, that’s just not right

But I love you oh so much
I am not right for you
I tell myself it’s just a crush
And I try to say adieu

I am overweight for my age
There is no hope for me
I am forever trapped in this cage
And only I can hear my plea

I see your disgusted glares
Do not think I’m blind
I know that nobody cares
I know the world is unkind

But look, I can do my hair
I can change for you
It is all because I care
I will eat no food

My friends do not understand
They don’t know what I will gain
Just the moment that I’ll hold your hand
I know I’ll go insane

I check my weight after awhile
I’ve lost twenty pounds
I feel my lips curl into a smile
I am no longer round

I pass you in the hall
Now with a smile on my face
Like the other girls, I am small
Craving for your embrace

But…you still pass me by
You still sneer at me
I continue to try
As you continue to flee

You know that I love you
You know how much I’ve changed
Everything, you knew
Yet you remain unchanged

I am still losing weight
It’s becoming hard to stop
It’s disappearing at a swift rate
The number continues to drop

My energy is running low
I now take naps after school
How could you not know
The game you’re playing is cruel

I used to be so happy
I used to feel so light
You think you’re so crafty
But you’re only full of spite

Now I feel as heavy as ever
Unable to go on
I figure I’ll remain this way forever
All of my life drained and gone

I try to look better
I try, but how
But I am already fettered
Will you love me now?

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Dessometrics said...
Oct. 21, 2010 at 9:59 am
aw i love this its sad but only true
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