Sun's Rising

October 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Each day it rises
only to rise with
a new look or
be unseen by gray
clouds on the horizon.

But each day at
my fathers home it
can be betted on
that the day will
start the same way.

So it just matters
when and who starts
the everyday, daily lecture
it always turns around
about how thet started.

How the divorce only
screwed up his life
and he has to
live by family or
that he's over qualified.

When, the sun goes
it doesn't cease till
bed only to be
started all over again
as the sun rises.

The author's comments:
It does happen every other weekend when my step-mothers kids are there. But I remember when he didn't let me and my sister know what was going on now it's the only conversation he wants.

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