Warm Summer Night

October 6, 2010
By mini203 SILVER, Spokane, Washington
mini203 SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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Warm summer night
I look up to try and find a star light
No such luck unfortunately
Because your face is all see
My love for you is unconditional
The way you made me feel is unforgettable
Even if in the end my heart was torn
Every time I think of you I morn
Your heart had to be shared
Wonder if you ever truly cared
Sometimes I think you did
Sometimes I believe you pretended
And at times I think it was all in me head
I would take every word you said
Make it into words straight out of a fairytale
Everyone saw but I could never tell
Love made me blind but everyone else could see
How you would use and play me
They tried to tell me how it was
But your love gave me too big of a buzz
People say I shouldn’t have been in that place
However what they think wasn’t even the case
They think they know it all
See I gave you my all
Way before things got complicated
Maybe I should have waited
Until I wouldn’t have to come in second
See I was here first as I reckon
I waited too long for this
Wasn’t gonna let you go for that little miss
Thought this would last forever
But I was stupid for being your secret lover
Should have known that all that love you had for her
That the love I had for you could never compare
So your feelings for me have gone
And we are finished and done
I guess there is nothing left to say
All I can do now is hope and pray

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