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October 6, 2010
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Do you ever feel like you don't belong in a school. Well I feel like that right now. Do you ever feel that your surrounded by a sea of people; but it seems that you can't leave. Have you ever gotten that feeling I get that every once in a while. Do you ever wonder if your life is washing away, and you want to remember you can't. Then you see people, the sea of people and you think why your life isn't like theirs. Do you wonder about that, I think about a little let. Do you think about leaving and ever go back, I get that way at times. Do you feel angry at the world and want to yell, at it because its dumb. Well i do. Do you feel like your life is a mirror looking back at you but you cant see it. I think thats how my life is. Do you feel like your worth nothing to the sea of people. I do a little bit but it's ok. Can the sea of people help with my problmes. No they cant cause they could care less.

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