The Seas of Time

October 4, 2010
By Megan Pintal BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
Megan Pintal BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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ebbing and flowing across space
generations upon generations row along
once a child, now old
a whispered lullaby in a child’s ear

breathe in, the sweet scent of salt
breathe out, the memory remains
sensations dance across the mind
a painted portrait of emotion

sharp sounds, an approaching storm
winds caress the beauty and danger of nature
water, water everywhere
yet not a drop to drink

it’s built up, yet erodes away
the glory and shame of man
with the grace and terror of an angel
a delicate touch is known not

ebbing and flowing, in and out
drown yourself in the seas of time
summer, winter, fall, spring
go back to where it all began

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