S.O.S - Sick of Sadness

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes we don't give you any thought
Until we find ourselves completely lost.
Lost in sin, walls closing in
Nowhere to turn, left here to burn
Lord I'm screaming at the walls
No one's here to answer my calls
I once dreamed of success
Now I can't dream because of the stress

You promised me love for the price of glory
But I declined only to write my sad life story

Dear lord I pray an SOS
Please i need my mind to rest
My life is filled with the sounds of madness
So I bow down before you, sick of sadness
I thought my life would be different
How could I be so ignorant?

The author's comments:
Had the idea for a while now but i never got around to writing about it until now. Acronym SOS really fit with the message i wanted to send so that's what the poem is centered around.

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