October 4, 2010
By Chianna Massie BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Chianna Massie BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Day one, week one, month one
caring calls, holding hands, soft kisses
out to eat, you showed me
you cared
hours were sweet, wonderful bliss
cold days, stayed close
like seasons, things changed
you spoke words you didnt mean
shouldnt have said
But I believed you, believed you cared
stupid lies, same cycle
month two, month three, four, five
awkward silences, no more cute calls
no more comfy movie nights
no lying in your arms
feeling your safety
late night adventures, all disappeared
Month six you were wrong
as soon as it began in all its sweetness
it was gone
but what's worse
you acted like nothing ever happened
we were never "we"
like you never said those three words
blank stares, ice cold shoulders
waste of time...

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